How to improve nurse call systems for hospitals

Undoubtedly, the aim of all hospitals is excellent patient care. One of the most important factors of patient care is communication. That’s where a nurse call system comes in -- it is a direct line of communication that allows a patient to get the attention of a nurse whenever needed.

Today we are going to look at how to improve nurse call systems for hospitals.

Rauland’s Responder ® All Touch ® with EPIC

Rauland’s Responder All Touch software is the first instance of Responder nurse call system integrating directly to a hospital patient’s electronic medical records (EMR). By integrating this technology with the EMR, patient status events are charted in EPIC and operationalized via Responder. This lights the corridor light outside the patient room and the Responder 5 whiteboards at the nursing stations. Not only does this share key information related to the patient, it allows the attending staff to assist the patient without needing to reference medical records. This saves time and avoids miscommunication.

Further, the Responder All Touch software includes direct integrations to support clinical workflows and communications. This saves nursing time, keeps systems in sync, and reduces noise and alarm fatigue. Overall, Rauland’s technology records appropriate events in EMR and allows workflow to be initiated from EMR to the nurse call system. You can learn more here.

Locator Badges for Nurses

Another way to improve nurse call systems for hospitals is to integrate Versus’ Nurse Call Automation. In Nurse Call Automation applications, Versus badges are worn by caregivers. When a nurse enters a patient’s room, the nurse present light turns on and the patient call light turns off. Upon exit, Versus automatically turns off the light, indicating the nurse is no longer present. Not only does this technology give caregivers the ability to cancel the call hands-free, it keeps track of the location of caregivers. Further, when a caregiver is in a room and a call is placed, it is escalated to staff emergency call. And with All Touch, the wireless call button on the Versus tag indicates all call workflow -- coordinating with the corridor light, master, and all wireless devices.

Versus is compatible with Rauland, Ascom/GE, SimplexGrinnell, Jeron, TekTone, and West-Com. You can learn more here.

Interfacing Nurse Call Systems with Handheld Communications

Generally, pagers and wireless telephone systems are the primary handheld communication devices used by nurses. When a nurse call system is connected with a radio-pager system, pages can be initiated by the attendant or by the patient. When connected to the nurse call system, cell phones allow caregivers to use the phone to speak directly through the nurse call intercom. Full-function integration of nurse call systems with handheld communications allows caregivers to fulfill a patient’s request without leaving their current locations. Without a doubt, the biggest value that handheld communications offer is immediate connectivity between caregivers and patients, via the nurse call. You can learn more here.

Breakaway Nurse Call Cable

If you have worked in a hospital, you know that nurse call systems get a lot of wear and tear, especially the nurse call cable. This damage typically results from either forgetting to remove the cable prior to bed movement or while attempting to reconnect the cable.

All of this damage means time and money wasted on repairs when those precious resources could be used better elsewhere. And most importantly, it takes the patient’s direct line of communication away from them.

A simple solution to improve nurse call systems for hospitals is a breakaway nurse call cable. The most innovative breakaway nurse call cable on the market is HatchMed’s BlackJack.

BlackJack is the only magnetic breakaway nurse call cable. Since it is held to the nurse call port by magnets, connecting and disconnecting is a snap. BlackJack has 37 durable contacts and are individually spring-loaded, gold-plated, and magnetically backed. When used properly, BlackJack ensures 100% connectivity, 100% of the time. This eliminates blaming nurse call cables as an excuse for not answering a patient call. You can learn more here.