The 17 Best Healthcare Infographics of 2017

2017 has already brought an ample amount of extremely well-designed and in-depth healthcare and technology related infographics. Infographics are a great way to display information in a visually appealing format.

Here are 17 of the best healthcare infographics of 2017.

1. Five Healthcare Predictions for 2017 created by Oliver Wyman

2. Healthcare Almanac 2017 by Clearstate

3. 8 Ways To Improve Patient Satisfaction by HatchMed

4. Quality Improvement in Healthcare by MarkLogic

5. Healthcare Spending in the United States by IHME

6. Major Drugs Going Off-Patient in 2017 by Dickson Data

7. A Look Ahead Into Top 2017 Trends: Preparing For The New Age of the Healthcare Customer by Windstream

8. Is Mobile Healthcare the Future? by greatcall

9. Healthcare Breaches By Number by Secure360

10. Improving HCAHPS Scores Through Healthcare Design by ASHE

11. 4 Competencies to Choose a Right Vendor for Healthcare Product Training by CommLab India

12. How Modern Healthcare Is Being Revolutionized By Social Media by Canadian Pharmacy King

13. Virtual Reality for Healthcare by Luminous

14. 8 Tips to Enhance Communication and Connectivity in Healthcare by Singlewire Software

15. Mobility in Healthcare by Avast

16. Mechatronics: How Electrical Engineers Are Impacting Healthcare by New Jersey Institute of Technology

17. The Anatomy of a Heath IT Ecosystem by University of Cincinaniti