HatchMed BlackJack vs. Curbell interConnect Breakaway Cables

Hospitals frequently experience problems with broken bed cables and damaged walls when hospital beds are moved without disconnecting the cables first. With most hospitals using a 37 pin cables that connects the hospital bed to the nurse call system wall jack, even one bent pin can make the cable completely useless. A damaged cable means electrical rewiring, headwall repair, even closing the patient room - costing the hospital valuable time and money. The solution to this problem is a breakaway cable.

To find the best breakaway cable for your hospital, you need to look at the quality, design, and compatibility of the cable. Here’s how BlackJack compares to the competition- Curbell’s interConnect Breakaway Cable.


Hospital equipment endures a lot of wear and tear, making long-lasting, high-quality equipment a necessity. All 37 pins in the BlackJack cable are individually spring loaded, gold plated, and magnetically backed. Made to be nurse proof, BlackJack is sturdy and has an anti-corrosion finish. BlackJack guarantees connectivity while also resisting corrosion and damage. A true test of the quality of both breakaway cables is the warranty. BlackJack has a 5-year warranty, where Curbell’s interConnect only has a 1-year warranty.


If you are looking for a solution for broken bed cables, you would want the solution to work with all your hospital beds and nurse call systems, right? BlackJack is compatible with all nurse call systems and all hospital beds that communicate with a 37 pin port. With just a snap, your hospital bed is connected to the nurse call system, allowing nurses to do what they do best- patient care. Instead of fumbling with aligning arrows on a cable or looking for the alarm to silence, BlackJack makes the process of connecting and disconnecting the cables simple and fast. If you are investing in new cables for your hospital, it’s only logical to get a cable that is compatible with all your equipment, new or old.  


BlackJack cable is held to the nurse call port by magnets; this makes connecting and disconnecting the cables a snap. The polarity of the magnets ensures the correct orientation of the cable, so it only takes a second to connect the bed and nurse call system. On the other hand, Curbell’s interConnect Breakaway Cables are not made with magnets; instead the connecting cables have molded arrows on the case to ensure that the cables cannot be connected incorrectly. Meaning, when connecting the cables on Curbell’s Breakaway cable you have to take time to make sure you are housing the cables together correctly. Instead of fumbling with aligning arrows on a cable or looking for the alarm to cancel, BlackJack makes the process of connecting and disconnecting the cables simple and fast.

Not only is BlackJack easy to use, it only takes 1 minute to install.

Instead of just taking our word on how superior The BlackJack is to Curbell’s interConnect cable, here is some feedback from our customers:

  • "Our patient falls reduced by 60% in the first 30 days. And basically eliminated by day 90.”

  • “Not only did we save on the hard costs but all the soft costs associated with cable replacement.”

  • “If your company was public I would buy 52%."

Overall, BlackJack is a magnetic quick disconnect cable that is designed to connect any make or model of hospital bed to any nurse call system. It is durable, easy to use, and comes with a 5 year warranty.