3 Nurseproof Hospital Bed Accessories For Small Hospitals

With all the resources and care medical equipment manufacturers devote to making quality hospital beds and surgical equipment, it is amazing that the accessories accompanying these items do not meet the same quality standards. Most manufacturers in the medical equipment industry make great, quality beds, surgical equipment, and items that help with the ease of patient care. At HatchMed we believe the details matter. We focus on the details that make a hospital room more comfortable and efficient while improving the functionality and usability for both patient and caregiver. Here are 3 nurse proof hospital bed accessories for small hospitals.

1. Tablet Mounts

Being stuck in a hospital bed is like being stuck in an airplane seat, no one wants to be there. Unlike an airplane, there is no first class hospital bed, but if we treat our hospital beds somewhat like airline seats, then hospitals should provide patients access to entertainment or distraction, in the form of a tablet. Tablets can help time pass by more quickly, they allow nurses to video monitor their patients, they increase patient satisfaction, and more.

Some common concerns with providing patients with hospital owned tablets are that they could be broken or stolen, not to mention that holding a tablet can be unrealistic for a recovering patient. A solution for those concerns is a tablet mount that locks to the patient’s bed rail, making the tablet always convenient for the patient. HatchMed’s tablet mount locks to hospital bed rails with a key, ensuring that they won’t get in the way of nurses and eliminating the risk of the tablets being stolen or broken.

2. Breakaway Nurse Call Cable

Nurse call cables are one of those absolutely necessary hospital bed accessories for small hospitals. These cables allow patients to communicate with nurses whenever they need assistance.

Standard nurse call or breakaway cables get damaged because they can’t stand the wear and tear they receive in hospital rooms. This damage results from either forgetting to remove the cable prior to bed movement or while attempting to reconnect the cable.

The constant replacement of standard nurse call cables is a costly recurring expense. A solution to this problem is BlackJack - the only magnetic breakaway nurse call cable. BlackJack is compatible with all hospital beds and nurse call systems, it is easy to use, has a 1-minute installation, reduces patient falls, and it ensures nurse call connectivity.

3. Overbed Tables

Overbed tables are a handy and necessary accessory for patients that are in recovery or bedridden. These little tables have sturdy wheeled bases that fit under a bed, while the neck of the table is able to adjust to the most convenient height for the patient. Overbed tables offer a space to eat, play, write, and perform other tasks.

In conclusion, high-quality hospital equipment is expected by a patient, but going one step further by making their hospital stay more comfortable and efficient goes a long way. Providing patients with entertainment, and simple accessories, such as an overbed table, makes a big difference in a patient’s perception of their hospital experience.