5 Ways Hospitals Can Cut Costs Immediately

1.    Healthcare Linen and Scrub Automation

Products like ScrubEX re-engineer scrub distribution by providing authorized staff with clean scrubs in the right size exactly when they are needed. It reduces the costs of replacing and laundering scrubs by eliminating unauthorized scrub access. It also drives compliance with AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, reducing the risk of surgical site infections.  

2.    Buying refurbished hospital beds instead of renting beds

Certain manufacturers rent hospital beds to hospitals, but depending on how long a hospital needs to rent the beds, it might make sense to buy refurbished beds rather than renting them. A rental bed and a refurbished bed are essentially the same product because neither is brand new, yet they function the same. In the long term, buying a refurbished bed is much more cost-effective than renting.  

3.    Outsourcing services to outpatient facilities

Outsourcing certain services to outpatient facilities is a great way for hospitals to cut costs. Some services that can be outsourced include physical therapy, rehabilitation, lab tests, and so forth. These are the services that don’t require an overnight stay or specialized staff to care for patients. Outsourcing services that don’t require a hospital stay will ultimately be cheaper for both the patient and the hospital. According to Quest Diagnostics’ chief medical officer, Dr. Jon Cohen, a hospital between 300 and 500 beds can save about $15 million over five years by outsourcing lab services.

4.    Energy Efficiency

Hospitals can save a substantial amount of money by making its systems more energy efficient. One way to do this is by replacing all the light bulbs in the hospital with more energy-efficient LED bulbs. According to Cree LED Lighting, a 500,000 sq ft hospital can save an average of $41,000 a year by switching to LED light bulbs. Another method to help your hospital conserve energy is to create a more efficient operating HVAC system. For example, there is no need to run the HVAC in the cafeteria at 1 a.m. Try creating a more efficient scheduling so that different wings are not constantly running up the bills. A way to do this is to schedule all surgeries to take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so that operating rooms do not have to be up and running for the rest of the week.

5.    Breakaway Nurse Call Cables

When a bed is moved out of a room, a breakaway nurse call cable should safely disconnect from the bed jack, saving the cable and wall station from damage. With breakaway cables, bed cable replacement costs are cut, there is no need for hospital room downtime, and the cost of hiring a technician to repair the electrical wiring or a wall is eliminated entirely. The most innovative breakaway nurse call cable is HatchMed’s BlackJack. BlackJack is the only magnetic breakaway cable. It is quick and easy to use, only takes 1 minute to install, and it has a 5-year warranty. Additionally, BlackJack prevents patient falls and improves connectivity, which increases your hospital’s HCAHPS score.