Why BlackJack?

If you work with or around hospital beds, it is likely you have experienced a broken bed cable and damaged walls.  Damage occurs from hospital beds being moved without disconnecting the cables first. Damaged or broken cables mean that time and money are being wasted for repairs when those precious resources could be used better elsewhere. A solution for this problem is a breakaway cable, and an even better solution is a magnetic breakaway cable. HatchMed’s BlackJack Breakaway Bed Cable is the only magnetic breakaway nurse call cable.

BlackJack was invented by the founders of HatchMed -- a Seattle-based company founded in 2011. The goal of HatchMed is to offer products that solve common functionality headaches in hospitals, and with that, BlackJack was created. So, the answer to ‘Why BlackJack’ is simple: it makes sense.

Our BlackJack Magnetic Breakaway Bed Cable is such a no-brainer solution that it’s surprising no one else has thought of this before. Making and maintaining a consistent connection with 37 individual pins is not impossible, but when it is put inside a busy hospital room where people and things move around frequently, it becomes problematic. The safety of patients depends on that connection. Thus, it is evident that BlackJack is the leading way to guarantee a connection and prevent damage.

BlackJack cables have 37 durable contacts that are individually spring-loaded, gold-plated, and magnetically backed. It guarantees connectivity while resisting corrosion and damage. Many facilities are increasingly conscious of their HCAHPS scores. Something as simple as a secure communication cable can have a positive impact on a patient’s satisfaction with their stay. Patients will be dissatisfied if their nurse call cable is not connected, because it prevents them from receiving help when they press the call button, and assistance if they are exiting the bed.

Take a look at some feedback from one of our satisfied customers:

“I rank this 20+ out of 10 for anybody and everybody. It’s so simple, there is no programming involved. You just install the cable and you no longer need to fiddle around with a 37 pin cable, and one person can install it in 5-10 minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver. We haven’t had a service call since we got BlackJack, and we haven’t had to replace wall plugs or repair torn up walls either. It’s more durable, looks better, easier to clean, and doesn’t break down with bleaching. You don’t need to unscrew the setup to clean the bed and prep for the next patient, so it cuts down on turnaround time. This is one of the greatest little assets for the bed we’ve ever gotten.”



5 Ways Hospitals Can Cut Costs Immediately

1.    Healthcare Linen and Scrub Automation

Products like ScrubEX re-engineer scrub distribution by providing authorized staff with clean scrubs in the right size exactly when they are needed. It reduces the costs of replacing and laundering scrubs by eliminating unauthorized scrub access. It also drives compliance with AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, reducing the risk of surgical site infections.  

2.    Buying refurbished hospital beds instead of renting beds

Certain manufacturers rent hospital beds to hospitals, but depending on how long a hospital needs to rent the beds, it might make sense to buy refurbished beds rather than renting them. A rental bed and a refurbished bed are essentially the same product because neither is brand new, yet they function the same. In the long term, buying a refurbished bed is much more cost-effective than renting.  

3.    Outsourcing services to outpatient facilities

Outsourcing certain services to outpatient facilities is a great way for hospitals to cut costs. Some services that can be outsourced include physical therapy, rehabilitation, lab tests, and so forth. These are the services that don’t require an overnight stay or specialized staff to care for patients. Outsourcing services that don’t require a hospital stay will ultimately be cheaper for both the patient and the hospital. According to Quest Diagnostics’ chief medical officer, Dr. Jon Cohen, a hospital between 300 and 500 beds can save about $15 million over five years by outsourcing lab services.

4.    Energy Efficiency

Hospitals can save a substantial amount of money by making its systems more energy efficient. One way to do this is by replacing all the light bulbs in the hospital with more energy-efficient LED bulbs. According to Cree LED Lighting, a 500,000 sq ft hospital can save an average of $41,000 a year by switching to LED light bulbs. Another method to help your hospital conserve energy is to create a more efficient operating HVAC system. For example, there is no need to run the HVAC in the cafeteria at 1 a.m. Try creating a more efficient scheduling so that different wings are not constantly running up the bills. A way to do this is to schedule all surgeries to take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so that operating rooms do not have to be up and running for the rest of the week.

5.    Breakaway Nurse Call Cables

When a bed is moved out of a room, a breakaway nurse call cable should safely disconnect from the bed jack, saving the cable and wall station from damage. With breakaway cables, bed cable replacement costs are cut, there is no need for hospital room downtime, and the cost of hiring a technician to repair the electrical wiring or a wall is eliminated entirely. The most innovative breakaway nurse call cable is HatchMed’s BlackJack. BlackJack is the only magnetic breakaway cable. It is quick and easy to use, only takes 1 minute to install, and it has a 5-year warranty. Additionally, BlackJack prevents patient falls and improves connectivity, which increases your hospital’s HCAHPS score.

HatchMed BlackJack vs. Curbell interConnect Breakaway Cables

Hospitals frequently experience problems with broken bed cables and damaged walls when hospital beds are moved without disconnecting the cables first. With most hospitals using a 37 pin cables that connects the hospital bed to the nurse call system wall jack, even one bent pin can make the cable completely useless. A damaged cable means electrical rewiring, headwall repair, even closing the patient room - costing the hospital valuable time and money. The solution to this problem is a breakaway cable.

To find the best breakaway cable for your hospital, you need to look at the quality, design, and compatibility of the cable. Here’s how BlackJack compares to the competition- Curbell’s interConnect Breakaway Cable.


Hospital equipment endures a lot of wear and tear, making long-lasting, high-quality equipment a necessity. All 37 pins in the BlackJack cable are individually spring loaded, gold plated, and magnetically backed. Made to be nurse proof, BlackJack is sturdy and has an anti-corrosion finish. BlackJack guarantees connectivity while also resisting corrosion and damage. A true test of the quality of both breakaway cables is the warranty. BlackJack has a 5-year warranty, where Curbell’s interConnect only has a 1-year warranty.


If you are looking for a solution for broken bed cables, you would want the solution to work with all your hospital beds and nurse call systems, right? BlackJack is compatible with all nurse call systems and all hospital beds that communicate with a 37 pin port. With just a snap, your hospital bed is connected to the nurse call system, allowing nurses to do what they do best- patient care. Instead of fumbling with aligning arrows on a cable or looking for the alarm to silence, BlackJack makes the process of connecting and disconnecting the cables simple and fast. If you are investing in new cables for your hospital, it’s only logical to get a cable that is compatible with all your equipment, new or old.  


BlackJack cable is held to the nurse call port by magnets; this makes connecting and disconnecting the cables a snap. The polarity of the magnets ensures the correct orientation of the cable, so it only takes a second to connect the bed and nurse call system. On the other hand, Curbell’s interConnect Breakaway Cables are not made with magnets; instead the connecting cables have molded arrows on the case to ensure that the cables cannot be connected incorrectly. Meaning, when connecting the cables on Curbell’s Breakaway cable you have to take time to make sure you are housing the cables together correctly. Instead of fumbling with aligning arrows on a cable or looking for the alarm to cancel, BlackJack makes the process of connecting and disconnecting the cables simple and fast.

Not only is BlackJack easy to use, it only takes 1 minute to install.

Instead of just taking our word on how superior The BlackJack is to Curbell’s interConnect cable, here is some feedback from our customers:

  • "Our patient falls reduced by 60% in the first 30 days. And basically eliminated by day 90.”

  • “Not only did we save on the hard costs but all the soft costs associated with cable replacement.”

  • “If your company was public I would buy 52%."

Overall, BlackJack is a magnetic quick disconnect cable that is designed to connect any make or model of hospital bed to any nurse call system. It is durable, easy to use, and comes with a 5 year warranty.