Why BlackJack?

If you work with or around hospital beds, it is likely you have experienced a broken bed cable and damaged walls.  Damage occurs from hospital beds being moved without disconnecting the cables first. Damaged or broken cables mean that time and money are being wasted for repairs when those precious resources could be used better elsewhere. A solution for this problem is a breakaway cable, and an even better solution is a magnetic breakaway cable. HatchMed’s BlackJack Breakaway Bed Cable is the only magnetic breakaway nurse call cable.

BlackJack was invented by the founders of HatchMed -- a Seattle-based company founded in 2011. The goal of HatchMed is to offer products that solve common functionality headaches in hospitals, and with that, BlackJack was created. So, the answer to ‘Why BlackJack’ is simple: it makes sense.

Our BlackJack Magnetic Breakaway Bed Cable is such a no-brainer solution that it’s surprising no one else has thought of this before. Making and maintaining a consistent connection with 37 individual pins is not impossible, but when it is put inside a busy hospital room where people and things move around frequently, it becomes problematic. The safety of patients depends on that connection. Thus, it is evident that BlackJack is the leading way to guarantee a connection and prevent damage.

BlackJack cables have 37 durable contacts that are individually spring-loaded, gold-plated, and magnetically backed. It guarantees connectivity while resisting corrosion and damage. Many facilities are increasingly conscious of their HCAHPS scores. Something as simple as a secure communication cable can have a positive impact on a patient’s satisfaction with their stay. Patients will be dissatisfied if their nurse call cable is not connected, because it prevents them from receiving help when they press the call button, and assistance if they are exiting the bed.

Take a look at some feedback from one of our satisfied customers:

“I rank this 20+ out of 10 for anybody and everybody. It’s so simple, there is no programming involved. You just install the cable and you no longer need to fiddle around with a 37 pin cable, and one person can install it in 5-10 minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver. We haven’t had a service call since we got BlackJack, and we haven’t had to replace wall plugs or repair torn up walls either. It’s more durable, looks better, easier to clean, and doesn’t break down with bleaching. You don’t need to unscrew the setup to clean the bed and prep for the next patient, so it cuts down on turnaround time. This is one of the greatest little assets for the bed we’ve ever gotten.”