The CH-6000: Universal Clamp to IV Pole heavy duty clamp end wraps around the entire range of square or round bars, from 2” OD down to 1″ OD, all without marring the equipment. The unique 2 position latch on the link saves time when switching from a 2″ bar to a small bar, just connect to the second latch for the smaller sizes. The quick release handle takes only 2 turns to be able to drop the locking mechanism, and release the clamp from the bar. The IV Pole Clamp locks in and releases IV Poles easily and quickly by a simple twist of the knob.

CH-6000 Features:

  • 9 Adjustable locking positions / 240 degree adjustable radius

  • Accepts standard IV Pole diameters between 3/4″ to 1-1/4″

  • Can be easily turned 90 degrees by removing one screw for mounting horizontally or vertically using a 5/32 allen wrench
  • Attaches to any type of round or square bar on most patient transport equipment (from 1″ to 2″)