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The Best Way To Put A Tablet In A Hospital

The Talon’s unobstructed mounting system makes it easy to mount tablets right onto the bed rails of a hospital bed, IV poles, wheelchairs, and so forth. The Talon Tablet Mount locks to the bed rail, so it can be quickly lowered with the bed rail if needed. The Talon is a durable tablet mount that locks with a key, which prevents loss, theft, and damage to tablets -- saving hospitals valuable money.

 It is durable, easy to use, cleanable, universal for all tablets and hospital beds, and it can be customized for length, color, and hospital branding. Additionally, the Talon Mount comes with an unmatched 5-year warranty. We believe, if used properly, the Talon can protect any tablet from being broken or stolen. We guarantee if you call us for a demo, you’ll never want to give it back!

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